About the project

The Ganjur colophons in comparative analysis: A contribution to the cultural history of the Mongols in the 17th – early 18th centuries

Supported by a grant from the Gerda Henkel-Foundation (Düsseldorf, Germany)

The project :

This project focuses on the colophons of the Mongolian Ganjur as a historical source.

At present three different Ganjur collections are extant:

1. A handwritten Ganjur preserved at St. Petersburg State University which has been made accessible through the catalogue prepared by Zoya K. Kas’yanenko (Katalog peterburgskogo rukopisnogo `Ganzhura’. Sostavlenie, vvedenie, transliteraciya i ukazateli. Moskva: Nauka).

2. A handwritten Ganjur preserved in the manuscript section of the IMBT SO RAN at Ulaan Ude.

3. The printed Ganjur, edited and published 1718-1720 upon the imperial order of the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing dynasty. This printed version has been published by Lokesh Chandra in the Śatapitaka-Series and is available in many libraries around the world, as well as in Buddhist monasteries in the Mongolian cultural regions.

The colophons of these three Ganjur collections will be made accessible for historical and philological comparison. For this aim a non-public website has been set up to which at the present state of the project only the members of the research team have access. The colophons are transcribed and imported into a specially designed web mask. Upon completion of the data import the website will be accessible for the general public.

The analysis of the data will not only shed new light on the origin and transmission history of the Mongolian Ganjur, but will also lead to new findings concerning the history of the Mongols in the 17th and early 18th centuries. We expect to get rich new material with regard to the religious, cultural and political history, especially on transregional knowledge transfer and emerging socio-religious regional and trans-regional networks.

For more detailed information about the current state of Mongolian Ganjur research see the research paper (link).

The research team:

The international research team consists of three independent research groups who work from different places, but stay in contact via internet and regular group meetings. Each group works on one of the three Ganjur collections.

Bern University: Leader and co-ordinator of the entire research team: Prof. Dr. Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz (link); group members: Ekaterina Sobkovyak (link), Natalia Yampolskaya (link). This group works on the printed Beijing Ganjur.

State University of St. Petersburg: Group leader: Kirill Alexeev (link); group member: Anna Turanskaya (link). This group works on the St. Petersburg handwritten Ganjur.

IMBT SO RAN and Buryad State University: Group leader Dr. Nikolay Tsyrempilov (link); group member: Jargal Badagarov (link). This group works on the Ulaan Ude handwritten Ganjur.

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